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Our History

Mr. and Mrs. Senga are visionary leaders who recognized the importance of education in shaping society. They saw the need for quality education in their community and decided to take action by creating a School.

 In response to their observation that the city of Lubumbashi needed an institution that offered international education with consideration to local culture to shape society. The couple began working on the project in 1992, with the aim of creating a school that would provide students with a well-rounded education that combined academic excellence with an appreciation for the local culture.

Unfortunately, Mr. Senga passed away in the early 2000, but his wife continued to work on the project, determined to see it through to completion.

The project took shape on paper in 2009, and after years of planning and fundraising, the first phase of the school was launched in 2019.


ST Marcel International School is a testament to the vision and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Senga, who recognized the need for a school that would prepare students for success in a globalized world while also instilling in them a deep appreciation for local culture. Today, the school  provide students with a world-class education that is grounded in the values and traditions of the continent.

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